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It's Dead End: Interview

1. How did the idea of the name It's DEAD END?

Has arisen by weariness in playing in bands aimless and low determination, this is the second band that ride in my life and not regret however is the bottom line for me (I'm getting old) 

2.The proposal involves the band apologies?

We want to distance extermismo apologies and, in my opinion ignorance is most of extremism.

3. How do you define the band's sound?

Do not want to be labeled, juxtapose many strands of metal and just name us as a metal band is great.

4.What do you think of the space within Brazil for metal bands?

Honestly never existed, exist in some enthusiasts organizing smaller shows that maintains the resistance and frequency of shows market.
But the great professionals and great are closed to public statements and naiconais and international events of great producers.

5. When will the release of the band's next CD?

Will be until early 2015, already close with our producer and we are all closed tracks, the master recording and mixing will be right here in São Paulo. The name of the album is It's For You Mother Fucker

6. Have a keyboard in a metal band in the style of you is new?

Had not seen before in our style, including criticisms received when coming musicians invited Guilherme but in the end was very different for us and very classic combined with the current.

7. Do you rehearse a lot?

Try not to think, but to be involved at every idea. Ensaiamos time a week 2hours but some times we get together to compose and arrange the progress of sound.

8.Which are your audience?

Very different and many nationalities, for example only our twitter among other media is mostly foreigners ... I guess we please most audiences outside Brazil.

9. Do you have big ambitions?

Undoubtedly, the project is not that old began in 2009, however has matured and every day is more sólido. Esperamos have more material to come in contact with major disclosures and opportunities.

10. Want to leave a message for your friends and friends of radio R1?

Sure! Thanks for the support metalheads of R1, accompanying our information because we do is real and who likes heavy metal will not regret it.

Bonus question: 

Why do you create songs in Portuguese and English? 

We believe for greater acceptance in English, but do not want to isolate ourselves from our nearest public today, Portuguese lyrics are important here in Brasil.Inclusive are launching a preview of our album later this month and will include 04 songs in Portuguese, 03 known and 01 novel, all will be re-recorded for our new CD It's For You Mother Fucker

{Note: The questions and answers come from Zoth Lucas (singer)}

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