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1. How would you describe the sound of AEONS CONFER and what is different to other music genres?

Thomas: AEONS CONFER´s sound is a mixture of different music styles like Black- and Death Metal with melodic, symphonic and progressive influences. It contains elements of orchestral music, sci-fi soundscapes, heavy guitars and fast storming drums. The vocals vary from growling and shouting to clean passages. 

2. As the producer of `SYMPHONIES OF SATURNUS´, what was your goal in sound and mixingwise?

Simon: I was looking for a sound which is capable to capture and express all the different aspects, styles and details of our music while everything is based on a massive and crushing foundation set by the guitars, drums and bass.
I also intended a modern, spacey and wide production which is related to the concept of the album. 
The huge proportions of the songs, especially the `Symphonies Of Saturnus’ trilogy and ‘Renaissance’, - both had almost 300 tracks in the mix - were very tough to balance with all the vocals, choirs, orchestrals, drones and samples. 
Sometimes it was a big forth and back because there were so many things going on that needed to be pointed out and I´m sure, every time you listen you will recognize something new inside our music.

3. Do you prefer the studio work or playing live shows?

Simon: Both are at the same value. I really like the time in the studio, the whole recording and mixing process is such a creative chapter musically and artistically. 
Playing live is like a vast stroke, when we are on stage we are one with the music, it is unleashing pure energy!
Nils: Gigs are very important for us. Right after the studio work it´s all about shows. It´s our opportunity to prove that our sound and performance kick ass. We want to entertain people at the highest level and show them that we are worth our money. Personally I like to have the direct connection to the crowd and get straight feedback on what I´m doing on stage. This type of energy circulation makes me tick.

4. What´s your best stage experience?

Nils: It was this moment at a show when I realized for the first time that some guys in the crowd knew our lyrics and sang our songs. That gave me a blast and was magical and glorious at the same time.

5. Is it true that you played the whole `SYMPHONIES OF SATURNUS´-album from start to finish live recently?

Alexander: Yes, we had a show scheduled recently which appeared to be Simon's birthday. So we were storming our minds about something special which we could do on that day. Since we were the headlining act, Simon himself proposed performing the complete album from start to finish. It sounded like a cool idea, but we then quickly realized how much work had to be done. SOS is such a complex album, and the transition from a recording to a live performance was not an easy one. We didn't want to give up all the details when playing it live, so were practising our asses off. It was really exhausting but also very rewarding playing all of `SYMPHONIES OF SATURNUS´ live at one show. I really hope we will able to do it again someday!

6. Describe the AEONS CONFER stage performance and the stage settings. In your music and your style do you have a specific message for the mass?

Thomas: On stage AEONS CONFER is a full package of energy. You will feel dynamic, power, extreme and agressive sounds and images. The scope contains raw metal feeling with futuristic scifi-atmosphere and agile stage activity. 

7. You as a band appear to have a special relationship - tell me about it!

Alexander: It's true that we are under oath with this band. We all have the same goals with AEONS CONFER and every single member has a genuine interest in bringing the band further. Some of us have known each other for over twelve years, so it's obvious that we are not just partners in crime but true friends. We've been through a lot as a band and every individiual personally, and there are always other members of the band which will lend a hand or word if someone will need it. Also, we have a lot of common friends, so we have something like a small AEONS CONFER society surrounding us, which is pretty cool and also helpful.

8. `SYMPHONIES OF SATURNUS´ got numerous very positive reviews. Many old and new AEONS CONFER fans seem to celebrate your album. What follows next? 
Bernhard: It’s right, a huge number of fans, mags and zines demonstrate clearly that they like our album and understand what we want to express - they seem to receive the special energy of AEONS CONFER. But we don’t hesitate and waste worthy time awaiting reactions, rather we're creating new material. Things have to go on, so we are very engaged to prepare some amazing new ideas for the next album. 

9.  How will the new album sound like?

Bernhard: It is hard to describe at this point of time, because we are in the middle of the working process. The new stuff will sound 100% like AEONS CONFER on the one hand, I can assure. On the other hand we try focus on our most powerful stylistic aspects and try to fix musically what we feel right now to be part of AEONS CONFER. Groove, aggressiveness, furiousness, melodic and orchestral parts and of course scifi-elements are to mention and I could continue this list. We are very excited at this step. To sum it: Our great fans are open minded and will definitely get what they expect from us– a great time of innovative and modern AEONS CONFER songs in full strength.