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enkElination asks enkElination

1. Is there a big difference between performing opera/classical songs on stage and singing with a metal band?

Yes, it's a huge difference as you can imagine! When I moved to London I had hardly ever sung into a microphone, so it took a lot to get used to. Classical technique allows you to project your voice in a way that you can be heard over an orchestra, so it can get pretty loud! With mic you can never be absolutely sure if the audience is hearing you the same way you hear yourself but it gives you a different kind of freedom to use your voice in so many ways..

2. What's the best way to stand out as a band when there's so much competition and bands out there?

I don't think there is any specific way to stand out. Whatever is genuine and done with passion will stand out more than a calculated product. Now days almost everything is done anyway, so all you can do is to be yourself, not copy anyone else and work hard and hope people will like what you do.
I didn't even start by wanting to form a band. I just needed to write music for my voice, as a kind of therapy to move forward in my life at that time. Then one thing led to another :)

3. What goes through your head before going on stage?

I'm quite silly and funloving behind my sometimes shy Finnish exterior ;) But before a gig I get quiet and withdrawn. People who don't know me always ask if something's wrong but I just need to "get into the zone"  and concentrate (no matter how small the gig is). Unfortunately it's not always possible with so many things to organize but even 5 minutes in the corner will help. And it's nice to get together with the guys and have a final "let's do this" moment before going on stage!

4. What was the most difficult song to record on the debut album? (Tears of Lust coming out July 2014)\

I'm not a huge fan of recording so it's always a bit of a struggle for me. So I have to really work hard to get into the right mindset, get the right adrenaline even when there's no audience etc.
But I would say that Tears of Lust and Last Time Together were the most difficult ones. They're both emotionally important songs for me and also technically challenging at points so i really wanted to be happy with the recordings.

5. What's the best and worst thing about being in a band?

I think anyone who writes music or forms a band dreams about playing gigs, doing tours, so of course best thing is to play shows! Writing songs is great too and hearing how they develop from ideas into whole songs, rehearsing with the band and then finally playing live.
The downside is that performing is hardly the biggest part of being in a band. It's really hard work and a lot of it is about organizing things, sending emails, contacting people, traveling, flyering, basically managing everything behind the scenes. I'm lucky to have such great support and help as our guitarist Shadow does crazy amounts of work for the band.
And of course, above all, our amazing fans, nice comments and reactions from them after gigs make it worth it!!

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